About the Blog

This blog started out as a way to turn in assignments for one of my college instructors, and you will see that the earliest posts are exactly that. Over the years it morphed into a portfolio until I created a website specifically for that purpose. Now it’s become my own space, however neglected and sporadically active it may be.

Some things to note:

I expect this thing to remain fairly eclectic. I’ll post everything from random thoughts, occasional ponderings, artwork, design forays, and maybe even causes I support, though I expect there not to be many of those. I tend not to engage in political conversations, but I’ve been known to make posts in support of charities.

If you ever comment, you might notice that your comment won’t pop up until I approve it. This is because I can’t stand spam comments, and that’s at least 50% of what I get. I don’t require approval because I want to censor anything anyone has to say. I just… DON’T LIKE SPAM! (Monty Python)

I’m an odd duck. The blog will likely reflect this.


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