I noticed as I started writing again, how similar writing is for me to design work. In the simplest sense, it’s about getting all my ideas down in one place and then refining them down to a finished product, but I think any creative endeavor can be boiled down to that. What really struck me when considering the similarities of the two, is that writing is also a very visual thing for me. When I’m writing a piece, I can see all the pieces and how they connect, and through wordsmithing, I can pick them up and turn them, putting the elements exactly where they need to be to create the desired effect. That’s what makes it so much like design for me. It’s about playing with all the little parts and making them dance together as a whole. I tend to see even literal concepts visually in my head. I see a piece of writing much like the inner workings of a clock; much like a cluster of interconnected gears that connect to form a whole. Each individual piece must be turned and adjusted in exactly the right way to get the whole thing to tick and function as one single entity. This also applies to design, though less figuratively I suppose, as elements in a design often need to be actually physically rotated and moved to exactly the right place so that the piece achieves its function with minimal distractions from the message it must convey. And writing, like design, must convey the correct tone for the piece. Writing is painting a picture with words so that the reader will see what the writer wants to be seen, and feel what should be felt. What is achieved with color choice and visual tone in a graphic piece is the same as what is achieved with word choice and vocal tone in a written piece. In a well written piece, you are hearing the message the writer wants you to hear with minimal distraction. In a design piece, you are seeing this message. When I write, I am trying to paint a picture. I want you to see what I see, feel what I feel, then understand and take something of your own away from it. I want the exact same thing when I create a graphic piece. See it, understand the message, come to your own conclusions, and above all else, I hope it makes you think or feel something new. I want this even for my simplest designs. I feel that design, much like writing, should evoke not only the intended message, but new thoughts and feelings. New ideas. In this way they should be lasting. If a piece, whether literary or visual, can make you consider something in a new light, it changes you on however small and subconscious a level. To me, that’s the true beauty of both mediums and perhaps how they are most similar. They both have the same power to affect.