This is a doodle I made last night that was inspired by the latest Save City of Heroes efforts.

I hope this happens!

The fans of the MMO City of Heroes have sent a pitch to Disney asking them to purchase the game from NCSoft and relaunch it.  Details of the pitch can be found here and here.  Fans have been asked to show their support by sending letters to Disney.  Here is mine.  Anyone else who supports family friendly games that are fun for both adults and kids (or just superheroes in general) is encouraged to send letters as well.

Dear (Insert Executive here),

Please consider purchasing City of Heroes. Our beloved family game is set to be discontinued on November 30, 2012 by its current publisher, the South Korean company NCSoft. The only reason the company gave our community for the cancellation of the game was  that it was “a realignment of company focus”. We are not sure if this realignment represents a focus away from the Western market, or away from family friendly games in general. Perhaps both. Regardless, I feel Disney understands how important superheroes are to Americans and how widely marketable they can be across the globe. To me, Disney is the definition of entertainment that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

I do have a personal stake in this. City of Heroes is the only MMO I feel comfortable allowing my eleven year old daughter to play. This is because of both the appropriateness of the game content, and because of the generally friendly, polite, and mature nature of the game’s community. I also like that this game gives my daughter a tremendous outlet for her creativity. Even at nine years old she wrote a biography for each of her characters.  She gets excited every time a new costume is available for her to create for her character. (Extra costumes are available every 10th level starting at 20.) She loves the music in the game and wishes it were for sale.

We play this game together and have fun for hours.  She also plays with my husband. I am easily frustrated by console games, and we just don’t have fun playing them. Please help this wonderful game to continue. City of Heroes was not well cared for under NCSoft. It received a marketing budget of $0 for two years and still remained viable enough to fund itself, other projects, and still turn a profit. I can only dream of what it would do in Disney’s capable hands. I would love the chance to buy City of Heroes products and toys in our local Disney store. The fans of City of Heroes usually have to make our own City of Heroes knick knacks, because there is so little out there for purchase.

I also think that City of Heroes is so rich in lore and character development that Disney could make some excellent movies out of it. I would love to see this! I also dream of buying tickets to a Paragon City theme park. I can think of no studio more capable of doing justice to the IP.

Disney takes care of its IPs. Disney loves every IP it owns and is an excellent steward to all of them. Please consider becoming the steward of our game as well. As a community we have done everything we can to save City of Heroes. Now we turn to you and humbly ask you to help us save the #1, triple A, superhero MMO City of Heroes. We are Heroes, this is what we do. We are Parents, this is what we do. We are Children, this is what we do. We are Families, this is what we do.

Save CoH

Thank you for taking the time to read this. That alone is another example of how much Disney cares about its customers. I am already one, but would love to be an even bigger one by paying Disney for everything City of Heroes.


Michelle Barnes