Since I’ve mentioned in the “About Me” tab of my blog that I’m also interested in instructional design as a possible future career path, I wanted to include some of my work here in that area as well.  The bulk of my instructional design class project was a group effort.  We all contributed to different sections of a basic tutorial on 3D Studio Max.  I chose to contribute by writing the sections about the Create tab of the program and the Viewport Navigation Tools.  At the time, I hadn’t worked in 3D Studio Max yet, and this was my first taste of it.  The links below are the text to my contribution. I wasn’t responsible for the final layout, only the written text of these sections.  I did include a few notes for the layout person and also some screen captures from one section in case he wanted to use them.

Create Tab Part One

Create Tab Part Two

Maximizing the Viewport and Viewport Navigation Controls