Adobe InDesign- Page layout program

Adobe Photoshop- For editing raster images

Adobe Illustrator- For editing scalable vector shapes

Adobe Acrobat- A digital document delivery system.  Creates PDFs.

Adobe Dreamweaver- For website building, web design, and html

Adobe Flash Professional- For web application building

Adobe Fireworks- For editing web graphics

Adobe After Effects- For editing and enhancing video, can add some special effects as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro- Non-linear video editing software, not the industry standard.

Quark XPress- Page layout program.

Autodesk 3ds Max- For 3D modeling and computer animation.

Microsoft Word- Word processing program.  Can also do some document design, though it wasn’t made with that in mind.

Microsoft Powerpoint- For creating presentations.

Microsoft Excel- For data organization.  Creates spreadsheets.

Microsoft Publisher- Made to design documents, but not geared toward professionals.  Designed so anyone can use it.