The design in this advertisement interests me because I like the way all the elements come together.  I like the use of lighting and I think it is interesting the way the SUV is positioned on the road.  Even though it is in a glass box, if the box was taken away, it’s positioned to drive on the road like it’s ready to go.

The elements of design are used in different ways.

  1. Line– The lines on the road both create depth and also draw your eye into the advertisement and up to the car.  The box creates lines around the SUV that focus your attention to it.  Also, the perspective of the lines of the box to me create a slight feeling of motion even though the SUV is obviously static.  They tend to bring the front of the SUV forward, so that there is a feeling of kinetic motion in that the glass could be broken and the SUV could be able to move at any moment.  The red lines of passing tail lights along the back of the image also pull your eye through it.  They break behind the objects in the foreground so that they don’t distract from them.  I think they also give a feeling of potential motion because they suggest other cars that have driven along the same road.
  2. Shape– The main use of shape in this advertisement is that of the box around the SUV.  It separates the SUV from the world around it and gives it a feeling of being apart from the rest of the scene.
  3. Color and Value– The most defined color in the ad is red.  The box that the SUV is in is red.  Red is the most powerful color and your eye will be pulled right to it.  The red box itself is in shadow with lights on the inside so that it won’t draw attention away from the SUV which is what is being advertised.  With the red box being shadowed, I think that it draws your eye right to the contents and isn’t too distracting, but still does its job. The frame of the box is also reflected in the SUV so that even though it is a black vehicle, it has some of the brightest red on it so your eye sees it first.
  4. Texture- The car and the glass in the ad look clean and smooth, the rest of the image looks gritty and dirty.
  5. Text- The text that is the most emphasized is the text on the glass: “Break in case of adventure”.  It’s used to communicate the message that this is not an ordinary SUV just for soccer moms.  It communicates that driving the SUV will bring you adventure.

I think that in this ad the elements that are best in communicating the meaning are the text, lines, and the color and value.  I think in this ad shape and texture are less meaningful to what it is trying to convey.  I think in this ad the text and color and value equally stand out over the other elements.  The color and value tell you what to focus on and the text gives you the feeling that is meant to be conveyed by the ad.  Seeing the elements being used in this way influences me in that it makes me see that color can be as important as value and that text can sometimes accurately describe a message that would be harder to communicate in other ways.