Jason Chan is a digital artist whose work I enjoy.  I believe this Raster image was painted in Photoshop.  I really like the use of lighting in this image, and it reminds me a lot of the way Rembrandt uses light in his paintings.  The light is focused on the girl which makes her look like the representation of innocence and goodness, and the dragon is rising up out of the shadow to that light.  The light source is positioned in such a way that the light almost looks like it could be coming from the girl, but it isn’t.  The dragon which is black and has sharp features typical of an evil creature looks as though he is turning to gentleness because of the way he is emerging from the shadow to the gentle touch of the girl.  I love light vs dark in images, and this image is a great example of what I like about them and how light and dark can be used in images to create a theme.  I also tend to like fantasy themed images.  I can see this image influencing my future work by being an example of how lighting can create mood and theme in an image I create.  The subject matter is also something that I would be interested in using.

Image by Jason Chan